2017-2018 Social Studies Syllabus

Dominican International School Kaohsiung
Course Syllabus

Subject:  Social Studies         Grade: 3 SY: 2017 - 2018
Teacher: Elia Yaremchuk Email: eyaremchuk@diskg.net

Course Description:
Social Studies in the third grade offer students an opportunity to view world communities from the past to the present. Geography and the Earth’s physical environments--how human activities help shape the Earth’s surface, human settlements and structures, and how human activities are influenced by the Earth’s physical features and processes will also be studied. In the process, students learn about community needs and resources, ways of linking communities, as well as relationships between communities and their government. They will be introduced to a historical background about the development of the United States. Students will also develop an appreciation for American heritage, other neighboring countries’ heritage, and Taiwanese heritage.

Course Requirements:
  • The course will be conducted through lectures, discussions, practice material, projects, and student presentations. Students are strongly encouraged to raise questions and make comments in class. Participation is the key to success.
  • Students are required to complete each assignment by the date that it is assigned. Staying on track with assignments will facilitate understanding of the class material.
  • Assignment books are available to each student. If there is difficulty in completing the assignments, the teacher must be notified before class the next day.
  • Students are encouraged to communicate concerns to teachers and ask for help as needed throughout the school year.
  • Students are expected to organize their own class materials and to keep their work neat and tidy. Parents are encouraged help students by labeling personal items with identification stickers with student’s name in English.
  • Students will observe all school policies as outlined in the DISK Handbook. This includes arriving to school on time, abiding by the dress code and speaking only English on the school grounds.
  • Students will observe all school policies on Academic Honesty, as outlined in the DISK Handbook. All cases of academic misconduct (such as cheating on tests or plagiarism) will automatically result in a "Fail" grade for the assignment, in addition to any sanctions that may be imposed by the School Discipline office.

MyWorld Social Studies: We are Connected Textbook

Classroom Rules and Expectations:
  • Have materials ready for class
  • Be attentive
  • Participate in class discussions and activities
  • Work as a valuable team member
  • Complete tasks as directed using your creativity
  • Be proud of your answers or work
  • Have fun

Class Materials Required:
  • Pencils, eraser
  • Notebook

  • Color markers, crayons

30% - Quarterly Exam
25% - Unit Tests
20% - Homework/Portfolio
15% - Daily Participation

10% - Deportment and Behavior

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