Aug. 24, 2017

Today we started the day with our first spelling test, followed by some story time by two students. They had to share stories about a magical basketball and meeting Santa Claus. We also wrote our new spelling words into the Daily 5 folder.

For Math, we practiced using different strategies to complete some mental subtraction.

Science was all about reviewing Unit 1 as there will be a test next Tuesday, and tomorrow we will be doing an investigation.

New Spelling Words:
proud, eight, Monday, principal, friend, rural, urban, location, evidence, temperature

1) Reading - please copy the following questions in your Reading notebook and answer in full sentences.
a) Why did Mr. Keene change his mind about having school all the time?
b) Does Mr. Keene still think his school is a "Fine, fine school" after his last announcement?
c) When have you ever felt proud?
d) How you can connect to the story?
e) If you were in Mr. Keene's school, what would you not be learning?

- PE tomorrow
- the enterovirus is going around, so please remember to wash your hands frequently.

Have a lovely evening!

Mr. Y


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