Aug. 25, 2017

Week 3 has come to an end. This year is already flying by and it's great to see the improvement in our grade 3 classroom. We have a good bunch of eager learners.

- Language Arts/Reading - the students identified the parts to the writing process, practiced retelling a story following the correct steps, and built up our stamina in Work on Writing and Read to Self. The students have done an amazing job in the Daily 5 training and I believe we're ready to officially start next week.

- Social Studies - we described how maps are different, and defined some new vocabulary

- Math - used place value to subtract

- Science - the students had a great time during this inquiry investigation where they had to add soap to a container with water and compare the differences in the containers

1) Science p. 49-51

Quizzes/Tests Next week:
Monday - Journeys - A Fine, Fine School - please know the vocabulary and the story as there will be comprehension questions
Tuesday - Science quiz, Unit 1 - please review the vocabulary, steps to an investigation, tools, and communicating data (you will not need to know how to make a graph correctly)
Thursday - Spelling test

- there was something I forgot to talk about during the parent/teacher meeting last weekend in regards to birthdays. I think it is great to celebrate a birthday and have the student share the special day with classmates. At the same time, you do not have to, it's up to you. However, if you do wish to have your child celebrate his/her birthday in school, I recommend bringing cookies or cupcakes as they are much easier to work with. In the past, I have seen many parts of cakes unfinished and gone to waste. Please consider choosing the cookies or cupcakes option. Thank you for your assistance.
- friendly reminder to read the parent/student handbook and return the last page with signatures
- Library class on Monday, please bring in your books

Have an awesome weekend!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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