Aug. 21, 2017

Welcome back to another week at DISK. It was great to meet many of you and discuss our plan for this school year. Thank you again for coming.

This morning was Assembly and our Tremendous Third Graders had a presentation on St. John of Cologne. The students made some beautiful posters and shared a quick fact about our Saint. Great job, students!

In Reading today we went to exchange our Library books and then came back to the class to review the vocabulary words from A Fine, Fine School. We also read a little more of the story.

The students were able to use place value for addition in Math today. We had stations the students rotated through, which included book work, games, and meet with Mr. Y.

Library - the teachers had their monthly Professional Development (PD) meeting so the students had some extra Campus Ministry time.

1) Math booklet p. 15
2) LA: Picture Dictionary - First, please choose 5 spelling words. Then draw a picture and write a sentence of at least 6 words for each word.

- reminder to read the Student - Parent Handbook, please sign the last page of the book, and return it to me
- Spelling test on Thursday


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