Sept. 13, 2017

It was a busy, busy grade 3 classroom today and the students were very attentive today.

Language Arts/Reading - chose a topic for writing a persuasive letter, wrote a quiz on The Trial of Cardigan Jones, and completed two rounds of the Daily 5

Social Studies - identified and described different landforms and the activities people can do. We all shared some experiences in this lesson.

Math - read and made bar graphs

Science - explained how technology has affected society and changed over time

1) Science - please complete the chart we made in Science showing how technology has changed over time, and your prediction for the future

2) Social Studies - please answer the following questions in your notebook in full sentences: What landform(s) would you like to live by? Why? What activities would you do? What landform(s) would you NOT want to live by? Why?

- Mass begins at 8:05am tomorrow
- spelling test on Friday
- Field Trip Friday afternoon, and tomorrow I will post what you need to bring

Have a nice evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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