Sept. 20, 2017

In the classroom before the Fire Department arrived, we had some time to begin reading Roberto Clemente and review the vocabulary words. We also practiced a new strategy, Skip the word and come back to it, from our Cafe Menu.

The Fire Department came for 9am and showed us some safety rules to follow, how to do CPR, use a fire extinguisher, and also put on fire fighter clothing. The students had a great time and some of them won some cool prizes. The Grade 3 class also won a school word scramble competition!

The students wrote a quiz in Math.

Science was the highlight of the day as the students began to build their tower made of only straws and tape. By using the design process and answering questions throughout, the goal is to build a straw tower at least 30cm tall that can hold a book, or books. This project will be used as the test for Unit 2.

1) Social Studies p. 57, only #3-4
2) Reading - please answer the following questions using full sentences into your notebook.
a) How do we know that Roberto loved to play baseball?
b) Why did Roberto feel lonely in Pittsburgh?
c) What kind of league would you want to play in? Why?
d) Describe how you can connect to the story.
e) Write a sentence to predict what happens next.

- Spelling test tomorrow
- Social Studies quiz will be moved to next Tuesday as we didn't have enough time after the Fire Department visit to complete today's lesson.
- IT class tomorrow, please bring your ear phones

Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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