Sept. 21, 2017

Today is 9/21 and it was nice to see Taiwan practice emergency drills to keep people aware that such incredible events could happen at anytime. Hopefully all family members know what to do in the home in case of an emergency. It might be a good idea to review them from time to time, as we did in school today.

In ELA the students wrote their weekly spelling test and also used possessive nouns in sentences.

We reviewed yesterday's quiz in Math, and then began the new unit. The new unit will be multiplication. 

Building the straw tower was on the agenda for Science and ECA. The students continued to use their plans, make changes, modify materials, and join straws to construct their tower. Each group has a different idea, and it's great to see how well they all work as a team. 

1) ELA - worksheet
2) WOW vocabulary - please add 1 word
3) Math quiz corrections - please make the corrections on your quiz, have a parent sign it, and return to class

- PE tomorrow
- SS quiz has been moved to Tuesday

Have a great night.

Mr. Y


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