Sept. 7, 2017

This short week has come to an end, and I hope the students take this extra day off to rest and prepare their minds for the last 4 weeks of quarter 1.

We started the morning with a spelling test and writing next week's spelling words. We also discussed the rubric that will be used for most writing assignments.

The students drew a picture graph and interpreted the data in Math.

Science was a fun class as the students got to design and build a catapult, and then test it. The students worked with a partner on all the steps of the design process. The best part was the testing. Please check the pictures below.

New Spelling Words for 9/15 (Thursday is Mass):
picture, guilty, honest, when, landform, country, ocean, problem, solution, Saturday, murmur, January

1) Reading - please copy the questions in your Reading notebook and answer in full sentences. If you do not have your Journeys book at home, you can log in to the online website and read the story on the computer.
a) Describe how you can connect to the story.
b) Was it a good idea that there was a trial for Cardigan Jones? Why or why not?
c) Name a character that had to convince another character about believing something. Describe what happened.
d) Explain one problem that Cardigan has.

2) Math booklet p. 33 and 35
3) Homework corrections - some students were given homework that was either incomplete or needed some extra attention to make corrections. Please take the time to complete what was discussed with you and read the comments in your notebook.

- quiz next week on plural nouns (either Tues/Weds)
- Spelling test is moved to Friday because we have Mass on Thursday morning
- Field trip next Friday afternoon!

Have a nice long weekend!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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