Oct. 18, 2017

Welcome to mid-week!

It was a busy morning in the homeroom classroom and here were our objectives:

  • Language Arts/Reading - understand the goal of a descriptive paragraph, define new vocabulary from Max's Words, and use different verbs
  • Social Studies - distinguish between rights and respobsibilities
  • Math - use strategies to multiply with 5 and 10
  • Science - explain different stages of a life cycle
1) LA - spelling word verb sentences - Please choose a spelling word and 2 different verbs to write one sentence of at least 6 words. Please choose 8 spelling words to make 8 sentences. 
Example 1: The butterfly saw the flower and landed on its petals.
Example 2: Mr. Y likes September so he can play outside.

- spelling test tomorrow
- All Saint's Day activity will be October 27. The theme for costumes is Famous Historical Figures. You can choose to follow this theme to maybe win a prize, but it's up to you.
- our students did a wonderful job on Student Council Spirit Day as they had to introduce themselves to a student from Thailand and in turn, they would receive their name tag. The ........ It was also great to see some of the students playing games together at recess.

Have a great night.

Mr. Yaremchuk


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