Oct. 19, 2017

We had another fun day in the classroom.

In Language/Spelling, we started with a spelling test, and then had three students tell a story. This quarter during storytelling, we will be looking for more detail in the stories.

During Math, we practiced strategies to multiply with 3 and 6.

We distinguished between complete and incomplete metamorphosis and completed an interactive notebook activity.

New Spelling Words:
witch, which, zombie, ghost, mummy, skeleton, costume, pumpkin, vampire, spider, monster, haunted, scared, trick or treat

1) Science - please answer the following questions in full sentences
   a) What is a life cycle?
   b) How is complete metamorphosis different than incomplete metamorphosis?
   c) What kind of metamorphosis does a butterfly go through? How do you know?

2) Math booklet p. 71
3) Final Exam corrections - please have all your corrections completed on each exam, and hand it in with a parent signature

- tomorrow is Show and Tell for the chosen 8 students (the other 8 will go next week). Please bring in an object that is non-living and can fit in your school bag. This object should be something you bought, or received from another country or another part of Taiwan
- reminder to please hand in the blue form for flu vaccinations

Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Y


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