Oct. 3, 2017

It's a mini-Friday today because of tomorrow's Moon Festival Holiday. This little break in the middle of the week should help students prepare for the upcoming exams.

This morning we completed three rounds of the Daily 5. Our focus lessons were: review the I-Pick method of choosing books, use possessive adjectives in sentences, and we had some time for 3 story tellers that shared stories about living in a jungle, eating a magical pizza, and playing a trick on someone.

We had Science in the morning as we needed to use the Computer room for some research. The students will be making a poster of a life cycle of a plant their group chooses.

In Math we had a short quiz on the beginning of multiplication.

We ended the day in our classroom with Social Studies where we listed and discussed how people adapt and modify their environments.

1) Science p. 98-100
2) LA worksheet - p. 125

- tomorrow is a holiday, enjoy the BBQ and moon cakes
- Thursday exams - Computer, Health, Christian Living
- short quiz on Roberto Clemente as well on Thursday
- Friday's exam is only PE
- please hand in your Reading Logs on Thursday

Have a great family day tomorrow, and a very nice evening tonight!

Mr. Yaremchuk

Picture of the Choir during Assembly yesterday:


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