Nov. 14, 2017 (Tuesday)

Good evening, please take note of the start time change for our Student Showcase: the show will start at 2:40pm on Friday. Please arrive early and be seated before that time. Thank you.

Here's what we did in the classroom today:

Language Arts/Reading - wrote a closing paragraph for our descriptive essay, completed a peer review for the essay, exchanged our library books, and as part of our Cafe Menu, we practiced the strategy of Making Mental Pictures while reading.

Social Studies - listed the duties of the three levels of government (local, state, national)

Math - multiplied whole numbers with multiples of 10

Science - completed a quiz on unit 3

1) LA - write a closing paragraph, and revise/edit your essay - please review and edit your essay. Remember to check that you have 2 strong topic sentences for your 2 body paragraphs, and that you have details to support your topic sentences. It is ok if you have to change/add new information. You can refer to p. 63-64 in your Write Source book.
2) Social Studies p. 154

- again, there's a slight change in the Student Showcase start time as the show will now begin at 2:40pm
- PE tomorrow, please wear casual uniforms
- spelling test Thursday
- there will NOT be a Math exam this week, we will do review activities in the class instead
- a newsletter about Thanksgiving Lunch was handed out today. Please read, fill out the form, and return by Friday.

Have an awesome evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk

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