Nov. 15, 2017 (Wednesday)

Mid-week, mid-month, mid-quarter. Happy Middle Day today!

Here's what we did in the classroom today:

  • Language Arts/Reading - wrote a reflection on the descriptive essay, reviewed vocabulary and identified the purpose of illustrations in the story, used verbs in the future tense.
  • Social Studies - compared and contrasted USA and Taiwan governments and listed the duties of the Supreme Court
  • Math - used multiplication strategies with multiples of 10
  • Science - defined and explained new vocabulary in the new unit on Ecosystems
1) LA - future spelling sentences - please choose 6 spelling words and write a sentence for each word, but make the sentence in the future tense.
Example: octopus: I will find the octopus and try to catch it.

2) Math booklet p. 102

- reminder about Student Showcase this Friday - the show will begin at 2:40pm sharp
- also, please hand in the Thanksgiving form that tells if you will be attending our lunch next Thursday
- Spelling test tomorrow

Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk

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