Nov. 7, 2017 (Tuesday)

Good afternoon/evening everyone!

If you would like to know what we did in the classroom today, here you go:

Language Arts/Reading - began writing the opening paragraph for the descriptive essay, read and responded to What Do Illustrator's Do?, and used regular past tense verbs.

Math - reviewed the quiz and spent extra time on the problem solving questions

Social Studies - explained the responsibilities of a city council and reviewed for the quiz

Science - distinguished between learned and instinct behaviors.

1) LA (use Work on Writing Notebook) - opening paragraph for descriptive essay - please choose one of the opening sentences you wrote today, and then write 3-4 more sentences to complete your opening paragraph. You can refer to p. 57 in your Write Source book. Please write information about your object/topic in this paragraph but do not use the information you wrote in your table as that will be used in the body of the essay.

2) LA booklet p. 137
3) Math quiz corrections - please complete the corrections, have a parent sign it, and return it tomorrow please

- Social Studies quiz tomorrow
- PE tomorrow
- please read the newsletter regarding Community Service day on Friday

Have a great evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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