Nov. 9, 2017 (Thursday)

Our Student Showcase practicing has been going well, thanks for helping out at home.

This morning we began with a spelling test, and then used the remaining time to make signs for our student showcase performance.

In Math, we used strategies to find an unknown factor and also to multiply with 10 as a factor.

During Science, the students described migration and how it helps animals to survive.

New Spelling Words (Nov. 16/17)
service, texture, caught, window, hibernate, local, taxes, threw, bounce, brought, wrote, guess, migrate, octopus, broke

1) Science p. 145-146
2) Social Studies quiz - please complete your corrections, and you will receive 1/2 a point for each correction made.  We will also have a re-test on the same material after some review tomorrow.

- Community Service day tomorrow - please come to school wearing old clothes and shoes that you can get paint on as we will be doing a small painting project. If you do not have old clothes to bring, we will have something to cover your clothes.
- it is casual Friday tomorrow, but also PE, so please also bring your House shirts, and casual clothing too, if you feel like bringing three sets of clothes to school
- reminder to keep practicing your lines for the showcase as we will not be practicing with our scripts starting on Monday

Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk

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