Dec. 6, 2017, (Wednesday)

It was a fun, eventful day today, and here's what we did:

  • Language Arts/Reading - wrote a quiz on verbs, a few students shared a random story, and students wrote a story related about Christmas
  • Social Studies - students had their last day of acting like a President. Today they worked with a partner to try solve a world issue
  • Math - we used this time to finish up with Science to identify and describe environmental changes by people and natural causes
  • Science - Final project time - students are working very well together and they are near completion. We will begin presentations tomorrow.
1) Math booklet p. 124
2) Narrative Essay good copy - time to publish your essay - you can either write it double spaced in your Work on Writing notebook, or type it in the same document as your Descriptive essay.

- final exams tomorrow: Computer, Health, Christian Living
- Friday - Field Trip to the Orchestra - reminder that we do not need to bring anything as we will return at 3pm 
- please bring all your notebooks and books to school tomorrow
- gift exchange and Christmas party information should be given out tomorrow
- reminder that Monday and Tuesday are half days for final exams, and next Friday is the Christmas concert
- also, next Thursday will be individual picture day

Have an amazing evening! Stay warm!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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