February 1, 2018 (Thursday)

'Twas a chilly day today, but the basketball superstars didn't care about walking for some friendly basketball fun.

We began the day with a spelling test and then practiced our assembly presentation.

Half the students left for Math to the basketball activity at Sheng Li Elementary school, so the remaining students got to review fractions with some worksheet work and games.

In the afternoon, we had Science. The students distinguished the different layers of soil.

During ECA, the students finished up their conservation posters for Science and we put them all around the school for promotion.

New Spelling Words for 2/8:
please, humus, funniest, lantern, dragon, chopsticks, dumpling, Chinese, monkey, cookies, before, bigger, oranges, firecrackers, horse, envelope, snake, family

1) Science p. 269
2) LA expository essay - good copy due tomorrow (late penalty for handing it in on Monday)
3) Reading Logs

- PE tomorrow - please wear your house shirts

Have an awesome evening!  Stay warm!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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