Jan. 10, 2018 (Wednesday)

It was another chilly day, but it didn't stop the kids from enjoying the outdoors during PE and break time.

In the grade three classroom today, we:

- Language Arts/Reading - listened to the reading of Chapter 4 of The Chocolate Touch, used our supporting details and wrote sentences and a closing sentence for the expository paragraph, and read and responded to Jump!

- Social Studies - discussed the reasons immigrants move to another place

- Math - used strategies to divide by 4

- Science - students completed and presented their Landform Advertisements

1) Reading - please answer the following questions from the story, Jump!
a) Please give an example of how you can connect to the beginning of the story.
b) Please write 2 questions you had while reading the story.
c) Please write 2 facts from the story about Michael's life.
d) Draw a Venn Diagram (like below) to show how Michael's life was different than young Thomas Edison's life.

Image result for venn diagram

2) Reading Log

- spelling test tomorrow

Enjoy your evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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