Jan. 18, 2018 (Thursday)

Today is the 101st day of the school year, so only 80 to go. The year will continue to fly by.

We started the day with a spelling test and then learned more idioms (piece of cake, break a leg, have a ball).

Right before lunch we used strategies to solve two-step word problems in Math.

The students had a debate over which fast landform has the worst effect on the environment. We also reviewed the unit to prepare for tomorrow's exam.

New Spelling Words 1/25:

chocolate, nobody, brilliant, pineapple, sandwich, flood, oranges, fifteen, behave, playground, erosion, ladybug, square, gratefully, regret, middle, yesterday

1) Science p. 243-244
2) Reading Log (please remember that you should be adding words in your WOW vocabulary booklet)

- PE tomorrow
- Science quiz tomorrow

Have a good evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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