Jan. 8, 2018 (Monday)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and you're ready for a bit of cool weather coming up.

We began the day with Assembly. Congratulations to those students that got Honors for semester 1. The Blue House team was also recognized for winning the cross competition in December.

Today in Reading we defined new vocabulary and read some of Jump!

In Math, we exchanged our Library books and used strategies to divide by 5.

Library class will be used to practice for the Chinese New Year performance.

1) Spelling word Questions - please choose 8 words and make a question for each word. Each question must be at least 7 words long.
2) Reading Log (please continue handing in your Reading Log everyday)

- please return ALL your FINAL EXAMS on Tuesday
- the Parent/Teacher meeting is tomorrow and will begin at 3:30pm. Feel free to arrive at 3:15pm and enjoy some refreshments until you are escorted to the classroom at 3:30pm.
- spelling test on Thursday.

Have a nice evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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