Feb. 27, 2018 (Tuesday)

So working hard for two days equals a day off tomorrow.

In Language Arts/Reading today, the students began to write a narrative paragraph about the Chinese New Year holiday break, reviewed adjectives that compare by trying to find examples from storybooks, and wrote couplet poems.

Social Studies consisted of discovering reasons why cultures have holidays.

The students used fraction strips to compare fractions in Math.

In Science, we distinguished between weather and climate and began an investigation on the weather that will take almost 2 weeks to complete.

1) Social Studies - narrative paragraph - please finish your paragraph that will include a topic sentence, 5-6 supporting details, and a closing sentence.

2) Math Unit 8 review worksheets

3) Reading Logs

- students definitely enjoyed Student Council Spirit Day by having some pizza in the last recess
- tomorrow is a holiday
- Thursday we have a spelling test
- next week is exam week for specialty classes

Have a lovely day off tomorrow!

Mr. Y


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