Feb. 6, 2018 (Tuesday)

It was nice to see the sun out and warming us up a little more today.

Despite the cool weather, we still turn up the heat in our brains and put them to good use. This morning in Language Arts and Reading, the students wrote a quiz on The Chocolate Touch, used adjectives that compare and completed some Daily 5 activities.

During Social Studies, we described how regions and climates can affect culture.

In Math, we completed a mid-chapter review and played some fraction games.

We reviewed unit 6 in Science and prepared for tomorrow's quiz.

1) LA - Picture Dictionary - choose 6 spelling words and make a sentence of at least 7 words for each word. Also, draw a picture to show you understand the meaning of that word.
2) Reading - please answer the following questions in your notebook. You may watch the story again here: Moonshot
a) Write 2 questions you would ask the astronauts if you saw them tomorrow.
b) How can you connect to a part of the story?
c) Would you like to be one of those astronauts on Apollo 11?
d) Give 2 facts from the story that support the idea that it was a difficult mission.

- short quiz on Moonshot tomorrow (know your vocabulary words)
- PE tomorrow
- spelling test Thursday
- Chinese New Year Festival on Friday - the students will be completing some fun activities in the morning, and then our performance outside will go from 2:30pm-3:30pm. We hope many parents can come to watch.
- students were given a permission form for our Q3 field trip! We will be going next week, and the cost is FREE!  Please read the permission form and return before the end of this week.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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