Mar. 2, 2018 (Friday)

We had a super busy day in the grade three classroom today, but a lot of things got accomplished by our hard working Tremendous Third Graders. Here's what we did today:

  • Language Arts/Reading - read poetry and practiced expression, wrote cinquain poems, and used adverbs that tell "when" or "how often," and we also had a couple Daily 5 routines.
  • Social Studies - the students began a holiday research project so they worked in groups to find information about a holiday celebrated by cultures
  • Math - compared fractions with the same numerator
  • Science - identified and explained the three states of water

1) Math booklet p. 179
2) Reading logs are not mandatory next week - but they can be used as a bonus for days that were missed over quarter three

- next week is exam week for Specialty exams, but also Language Arts (Friday)
- Art and Music finals are on Monday
- please remember your library books for Monday

Have an amazing weekend!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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