Mar. 23, 2018 (Friday)

We had a great day today!  The morning was all fun in the classroom, followed by all fun outside for Sports Day! I'm sure the students will sleep well tonight.

Language Arts/Reading: used dictionary skills to play a game and define new words, defined new vocabulary for the story, Yonder Mountain, which can be found in the Journeys textbook. The students also got to do a round of Daily 5. 

Social Studies: made connections to how we can get the things we need in the community. The students worked in small groups.

Math: the students cut out the interactive notebook homework activity and we practiced telling time for a little bit because lunch came early today

Sports Day: all students participated and tried their best. We had 6 different stations, including a water and pizza station. The pizza was donated from a parent! After all the events were finished, we went to the running track for some races and it was exciting!  In the end, after all the points were tallied up, the Red Team won!  Congratulations Red Team!  It was awesome to see the students having such a great time, and also great to see all the parents that came to help and cheer!

1) Math interactive notebook - please cut out the times and paste them under the clocks that say the same time. Also, please write the time in words using either "before" or "after."

2) Social Studies - We watched a video in class today. Please copy and answer the following questions in your notebook about that video. (if you need to watch it again, it is in the Social Studies online website):
a) What does Sloan do at the farmer's market?
b) What did you learn about how people buy and sell goods?
c) Have you been to a farmer's market (or vegetable market), and if so, what did you buy? What did you want to buy?

- we forgot to hand back the Communication Books, so they are all still here in the classroom
- the students have received a letter regarding the upcoming field trip. This is not a permission slip. Due to some behavior problems over the past little while it was decided that as of now no grade three student will be attending the field trip. However, they can all attend if they earn it. We read the letter together and students signed the paper. Parents, please read it with them and also sign the paper, and return it on Monday. 
- Report cards from Q3 were also handed out today.
- Tuesday is the parent/teacher meeting at 3:30pm
- spelling test on Thursday 
- Friday is the start of Easter break, so we do not have school

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Yaremchuk



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