Mar. 27, 2018 (Tuesday)

Thank you for coming out today for the parent/teacher meeting. As a reminder, feel free to email if you ever have any questions.

Here's what we did today in the classroom:

Language Arts/Reading:
- identified appropriate synonyms and antonyms to use as replacements, classified words as prepositions, and began a new novel study called "Frindle."

Social Studies:
- distinguished between needs and wants, and abundance and scarcity

- calculated elapsed time problems using a number line and a clock

- determined how the earth moves

1) Math booklet p. 197
2) Social Studies - You must go for a food hunt in your house and complete the following chart after you copy it into your notebook. Please be specific with your items (fruit, food, clothes are not specific)
Ex:  rice
Ex:   chocolate bars

- tomorrow is the scooter/bicycle wash fundraiser from 2:45-3:30pm. Bring yours in for the cost of $150 and it'll get returned all shiny and clean.
- tomorrow there will also be a lemonade stand - drinks are $10 if you bring your own cup or bottle, and $15 without a cup or bottle
- spelling test on Thursday
- there are still students that have not returned the corrected final exams. Please complete the corrections and return them tomorrow

Have a good evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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