Mar. 28, 2018 (Wednesday)

The week is almost over, and I'm happy to see improvement in student's behavior.

Today was a busy one, and here's what we accomplished:
  • Language Arts/Reading - listened the chapter 2 of Frindle, discussed the sentence-phrase-word results from Yonder Mountain, practiced using prepositions
  • Social Studies - made choices based on values
  • Math - calculated time intervals in problems
  • Science - model the reason we have day and night
  • ECA - we opened up the Space Question box and answered some questions. We also went down to buy some lemonade from the Student Council

1) LA booklet p. 163
2) Math problems - please cut out the problem and complete the answer in your notebook. Please remember to answer it with a sentence.

- spelling test tomorrow
- tomorrow is the last school day of the week
- Easter break begins Friday

Have an amazing evening!!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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