May 3, 2018 (Thursday)

The students had less time in the homeroom today, but we still managed to be productive in the short time we had.

In Language Arts they had a spelling test, read part of The Science Fair (and reviewed vocabulary words) and reviewed 2 quizzes: Yonder Mountain and Frindle

During Math the students practiced making shapes that have the same area, but different perimeter and worked on their Minecraft booklets.

We distinguished between a mixture and a solution in Science and also made some lemonade.

In ECA the students explored their topics in preparation of research tomorrow morning and enjoyed sipping their lemonade.

Spelling Words (5/10):
desperate, awful, expected, income, solution, change, endpoints, polygon, freeze, budget, monster, special, beast, mixture, dissolve, plane shape, angle, triangle, summer, expense

1) Math booklet p. 231
2) Book Report

- students took home 2 quizzes in Reading today, please make the corrections and bring them back
- PE tomorrow, please wear your PE uniforms, and try to remember to wear hats outside for PE and recess breaks

Have a fantastic evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk


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