May 8, 2018 (Tuesday)

Rain! Rain! Come again another day! It's so nice to have some rain finally. Unfortunately the students didn't have as much fun playing outside at break time though.

Here are the things we did in the classroom today:

  • Language Arts/Reading: listen and respond to Frindle, used research to write paragraphs for a report, completed a short quiz on The Science Fair
  • Social Studies: made a future budget on Futura
  • Math: finished the Minecraft projects
  • Science: observed and explained some chemical changes

1) Math - Minecraft booklet
2) Frindle booklet p. Meeting 3 (questions from chapters 4-8)
2) Book Report

- wear your PE uniforms tomorrow
- Science quiz on Friday (Chapter 9 - Matter)
- reminder for those students that need to complete their music exam with Mr. Sandlian to bring in your recorders this week and practice/complete the exam

Have a lovely evening!


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